No two bodies are the same.  We each come to the mat carrying our life journey, which in its own way lends itself to what we are capable of on any given day.  Sometimes you can manage a forward fold, perhaps a handstand and other days you have no idea how to attempt either one.  Sound familiar in everyday life?

At Stabile we welcome all bodies and ability to the mat, in hope of giving students the tools to navigate the tides of their life as best they can.

Overwhelming research credits yoga with:

  • controlling and regulating breath;

  • creating mental and emotional balance;

  • reducing stress and anxiety;

  • increasing flexibility, circulation, strength and confidence;

  • clearer focus;

  • better sleep;

  • allowing energy to flow more easily to, through and from the body; and

  • increasing overall wellness.

What is yoga?  A western assumption has been that yoga is the practice of arranging the body into obscure positions, hence some of us are reluctant to try yoga because we deem ourselves to be "inflexible".  However, yoga is meditation, breathing techniques, peacefully reading a book or walking your dog, as well as moving your body synchronized with your breath into and out of yoga poses that become more and more accessible as your practice develops.

Stabile Yoga offers studio, group, corporate, teen and one-on-one yoga classes.


Darlinghurst and otherwise by appointment

email: stabileyoga@gmail.com

Kat Zonta trading as Stabile Yoga

ABN 73 268 286 123

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